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We are Microsoft Visual FoxPro Experts

The New Zealand Tui Beer adverts put this into context when it says ‘Yeah right’. No one advertises themselves as just average or ok, so how can we demonstrate our expertise to you?

Well, Elmbrook have had developers working and developing programs in the FoxPro language for 20 years. We have also been able to migrate substantial Foxpro Applictaions to new development platforms.

For over two decades, FoxPro has in our opinion reigned supreme when it comes to creating data-centric applications.

You may have heard on the grapevine that no further releases of Visual FoxPro will be undertaken by Microsoft; however it will continue to be supported by Microsoft until 2015 and that’s a long time in IT years. In reality we believe the ramifications of this is not all bad news, FoxPro is a very stable and robust tool, existing users will be able to confidently continue with their systems supported by Elmbrook Professionals for many years to come. This allows businesses time to plan for new technologies currently being introduced.

Microsoft Visual FoxPro Features

  • Run queries of large FoxPro data files in sub-second times. Manipulate data interactively and programmatically with the local cursor engine
  • Create persistent relationships between tables, stored procedures, events, triggers, rules, and default values
  • Control user actions with code that executes when a database is opened, closed, or modified
  • Easily migrate data to SQL Server databases using the integrated SQL Support and wizard
  • Use built-in batch-processing capabilities
  • Create class libraries of reusable code, forms, and controls
  • Call on more than 100 reusable classes that provide common functionality
  • Utilize full-featured debugger and an advanced code editor
  • Build desktop and shared solutions on SQL Server Desktop Edition and migrate them directly to SQL Server
  • Build end-to-end solutions, from data entry forms to complex report outputs
  • Enhance user interfaces with dockable forms, auto-anchoring of controls, and improved image support
  • Gain precision control of report data output and formatting with extensible output architecture
  • Create .NET compatible solutions with hierarchical XML and XML Web services
Perception is not always reality 

Use Our Experience To Migrate Your Software

If you are in need of VFP developers then look no further than us. We have over 23 years of experience in FoxPro environments including migrating Foxpro applications to new technologies.

If you would like us to become your VFP specialists please Email

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